I am a Writer and Writing Teacher

My whole life I’ve loved writing. Is it the same with you? Or maybe you’re compelled to communicate a specific discovery, message or special story?

But something is holding you back.

I know that feeling. It’s a huge undertaking. How to breakthrough?

For me, it was getting sick that made me decide to write a whole book. I wasn’t ready to die with it still inside me.

And you mustn’t either.

My FREE Writer Ropes Course will guide you through the whole process. With my help, you’ll start—and finish—writing an amazing book.

Who Am I?


This is me, Bobbie Ann Cole, a writer and a Jew who believes in Jesus.

I am abundantly blessed, but life hasn’t necessarily been easy.

How am I blessed? Well, I love Jesus and the husband He eventually led me to. I love my life as a writer, speaker and teacher. I love gazing at the twinkling lights of Canterbury Cathedral from our balcony in that great, historic, English city and I love the time we get to spend with my kids and their wonderful families.


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The Israel Jesus loved

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