Who Am I?


This is me, Bobbie Ann Cole, a writer and a Jew who believes in Jesus.

I am abundantly blessed, but life hasn’t necessarily been easy.

How am I blessed? Well, I love Jesus and the husband He eventually led me to. I love my life as a writer, speaker and teacher. I love gazing at the twinkling lights of Canterbury Cathedral from our balcony in that great, historic, English city and I love the time we get to spend with my kids and their wonderful families .

That’s where I am now … but it’s been quite a journey to get here. It was meeting Jesus that brought me to this place. How did I, a Jew, get here, so close to Jesus?

It began when He reached out and grabbed hold of me in a Jerusalem church where I thought I wasn’t even supposed to be. My Canadian traveling companion to Israel, a Christian, had graciously come along to synagogue to welcome in the Sabbath with me. It would have been rude not to reciprocate…

But that was the trigger, not the real start. It all began way before that, though I was unaware. I guess the Spirit was hovering above the swirling waters of my life, waiting for exactly the right moment. I had a pretty good life, I thought — my own business in the UK music industry, regular freelance writing commissions, three children grown into fine adults and a busy, happy home.

Then, one day I found a lump in my breast. It couldn’t be…

I went back and checked. It was still there. It was real. It was. I had cancer. I went through a lot of invasive treatments and surgeries. I was sick for five years — and I nearly died. During this turbulent time in my life, my marriage fell apart. My business did too. I didn’t know, at the time, that, like Jonah in the whale’s belly, God was conveying me to a safe shore — all I knew was that I was in a dark place.

I had been alone for two years when I went looking for meaning and purpose. I decided, like so many Jews before me, to try to find my soul by making a pilgrimage to Israel.

A wave of human kindness hit me in the face, as I entered that Jerusalem church. Tingles began to go through me. By the end of the service, I didn’t want to leave. I sat, swathed in balm and electricity, hoping my friend would say, “yes”’ to going up to the 24/7 Prayer Tower we’d just been invited to.

She was beside me now, reviewing the photos that she had taken to share with her brother, Butch. But they didn’t show the congregation or the platform. They showed tongues of golden flame.

What could that mean?

In the Prayer Tower, I received a prophecy I thought laughable: Jesus would give me a new husband. How could that be, when surgery had left me with a body image so dire that I hadn’t so much as dated since my marriage break-up?


I had another concern about all that was happening here, too — a defection to Christianity would be viewed as treason by my Jewish family and friends.

Everything I was experiencing was so powerful, however, that I had no choice but to go with it. From this time on, Jesus began to speak to me so strongly, and in so many diverse ways, that my whole life’s direction became spirit-led.

He led me from darkness into light, not just the light of knowledge, but the sparkle and joy of living in trust and faith in His goodness, His tenderness.


He led me to meet and marry Butch, the new husband of faith He had for me — yes, the same Butch my friend snapped her photos for! We traveled to Israel together, where we worked for nearly two years in Messianic ministry.

God whispered to me to take a scroll and write down all the things He had done for me, since the time He began speaking to me. He told me my story would encourage and inspire people. The result is my acclaimed faith memoir, She Does Not Fear the Snow, an Amazon #1 Bestseller and a Munce 2012 prizewinner.

The sequel Love Triangles, Discovering Jesus in Today’s Israel, is my personal story of making Aliyah- immigrating-to Israel with Butch. There I embarked upon a quest to find Jesus in modern Israel. This book interweaves Israel’s ancient and modern history with biblical references. I reveal the challenges that have faced Jewish believers from Peter and Paul on down to the present day, including my own. The underlying antagonism of my beloved Israel towards Messianic Jews like me left me sneaking around, keeping my true identity secret.

Since 2012, I have been helping others share their own heartfelt stories through ghostwriting, mentoring and teaching.

Picture Barb Rayner
Picture Barb Rayner