Love Triangles, Discovering Jesus the Jew In Today’s Israel

My Unconventional Quest to Find Jesus of Nazareth in Israel:

an Amazon #1 Bestseller



Discover Jesus Stories and Learn:

  • What Makes a Jew Love Jesus
  • The joys and challenges of living in Jesus’ homeland as a Jewish believer
  • How Jesus used Jewish festivals to underscore His message.
  • The story of Jesus’ Bar Mitzvah
  • Why Jewish atheists may move to Israel but not Believer Jews
  • Why Judaism rejects Jesus as Messiah

A blend of memoir, travelogue, historical document and investigative journalism.

Super fun Radio Interview at WOCA The Source with Larry Witler and Robin MacLane

What they are saying about Love Triangles

“Love Triangles is a vibrant, captivating read that effectively interweaves Israel’s ancient and modern history with biblical references and the author’s own personal experiences. Sparkling with intelligence and peppered with sage observations, Love Triangles is a spectacular labor of love born out of Cole’s deep passion for both the Messiah and the country of Israel. Fearless and thought-provoking, it is a must read for anyone seeking to discover and/or better understand the impact of Jesus Christ within the context of today’s rapidly evolving times.” — Sally Meadows, award nominated singer/songwriter, author “Beneath That Star” 

“Her love of the Land of Israel and the Scriptures shine out as the author narrates her Aliyah journey.”Judith Galblum Pex, author “Walk the Land”

Janet-Sketchley_Review“Bobbie has captured what matters. This book is not about theological principals; it’s about love.”— Adrian Glasspole, British Messianic Jewish Alliance 



Chapter 1My Secret New Life

Chapter 2What’s so Special about Israel?

Chapter 3Where the Bible Comes to Life

Chapter 4Still Waiting for the Messiah

Chapter 5 Jews Who Believe in Jesus Not Welcome!

Chapter 6 – This Year in Jerusalem

Chapter 7Doing Church Israeli Style

Chapter 8Unto Us a Son is Given 

Chapter 9Christmas with Gas Masks in the Land of Jesus 

Chapter 10 – On the Shores of Galilee

Chapter 11 – Why Must I Choose between Jesus & His Jewish Homeland?

Chapter 12 – Dew in the Desert

Bobbie, who has worked for Messianic congregations in Israel, is also the author of her acclaimed faith memoir and Amazon #1 bestseller, She Does Not Fear the Snow, and of the Disciples Indeed Workbook.