She Does Not Fear the Snow

My Faith Story

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Bobbie_high res croppedIt all began in a Jerusalem church where, as a Jew, I thought I wasn’t even supposed to be.

Jesus claimed me there and laid a trail of miracles that led me from my native England to a new life and a new husband of faith in Atlantic Canada.

It’s a Ruth story of God’s call in the Land of Israel and receiving His blessings of love.



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A beautiful story full of romance, forgiveness and coming to faith. This book will inspire you to look for God’s voice in everyday events of life. It will cause you to reflect on past experiences and see how God’s hand led you in the right path.
Evangeline Inman, author of The Divine Heartmender and Extreme Worship for Songwriters


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She Does Not Fear the Snow is much more than Bobbie Ann Cole’s testimony about her journey into faith in Jesus Christ. It is an adventure, a tale of endurance, a love story and a thrilling reminder of God’s Father Heart towards his people.
Trevor Payne, Senior Pastor, Hope Church, Bromley, England

SDN Press
An Uplifting Memoir – the author was so very brave in sharing her struggles about her marriage and her conversion from Judaism to Christianity. In the end she presents a thoughtful look back on her life and how God intervenes even when we are not aware.
Laura Davis, author of ‘Here Burns My Candle: a Novel” and numerous other publications

SDN SigningCole’s writing was a highlight for me. The heart she puts into her vivid descriptions and detailed narratives made me feel like I was living the events: seeing the mysterious Iranian rug for the first time; peeking over her shoulder at emails as she and Butch began writing; feeling the resistance of her family to even meeting man she was falling in love with; struggling with her as she tried to forgive, love, be patient, and gentle.
Violet E. Nesdoly, author of Destiny’s Hands




SDN Signing 2The most engaging aspect is the precious way in which God so lovingly used a series of divine appointments, words, and symbols to entice the author down the path He Himself ordained for her to tread. I so enjoyed watching the events unfold as she made her way toward her desired life of romance, rest, and redemption.
Amy Dane, writer and blogger
It is the stunning mysticism that intrigues me. Throughout Cole bravely approaches events that appear to supersede logic. Some are natural: an eagle flying beside her for miles on a frozen river, whitetail deer approaching fearlessly, the menacing, powerful appearance of a moose. And there are unexpected human events including the offering of a rug and its emergence as a map defining Cole’s and Terry’s natures and perhaps their futures.

Pastor Gordon Johnson, Canada



A wonderful read and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an honestly written memoir that inspires and gives one hope. This is especially true if you, or someone you know, has experienced a life changing illness.

Diogenes Ruiz, author of Fireside Popsicles

SDN Book PeopleOne woman’s story of faith, well-told. Some readers may dismiss parts as unbelievable, or disagree with her choices, but it’s her testimony. It reminded me to listen more expectantly for what the Lord might want to say to me.

Janet Sketchley, author of Heaven’s Prey

How God wants to be intimately involved in our lives. I didn’t want to put the book down until I had read every last word. Very well written.

Angela Cushing, Radio