On this page you will find pictures of some scenes from She Does Not Fear the Snow and beyond that you have never seen before.


This photo, right, was taken about an hour or so after Butch opened his Fredericton front door to me and we met for the first time.  From my perspective it was love at first sight. The third person in the picture is Butch’s son, Mitchel.

Butch had prayed just two weeks before for God to send him a woman of faith but thought it beyond belief that He would send her to his front door so quickly.




It was the Persian rug that my friend Terry had received following our trip to Israel that brought me to Eastern Canada for the first time in my life. One of the females depicted on that rug looked a lot like me and the other was the spitting image of Terry.



After I had to go back home to the UK. Butch kept in touch. He did cute things like sending me snow angels.




Then he came to London and we visited Trafalgar Square, along with other sights.


5In the blink of an eye- almost a year to the day from the day we met- we were getting married.

No one in the bridal car was from Fredericton and the chauffeur wasn’t either. He took me to the wrong church! We drove around looking for the right one so that I arrived nearly 25 minutes late.




We declared our love and shared our vows…



…and became Mr. and Mrs.



That winter was one of the worst Canada had ever known for snow. This shows the view through our living room window of the storm just before Christmas.8

Butch spent a lot of time snow-blowing the drive after the storms.9




10 Feb 23




But we were snug as two bugs in a rug inside.11





The last snowstorm was on my birthday, April 17.


Eventually the sky cleared and it felt like God was finally telling us that the winter would soon be done.12 my birthday13






Fast forward about 6 months. This is us with some other volunteers in Jaffa, by Tel Aviv, Israel: 9 people from 6 different countries.14

Even in winter, the weather was warm. It was walking along the promenade between Jaffa and Tel Aviv that Butch declared, “I want to live here!” and I began to explore whether I could facilitate that…

See Love Triangles, the sequel to She Does Not Fear the Snow.15



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