Speaking & Workshops


Bobbie Ann Cole is available to speak
and lead workshops for
Assemblies, Keynotes, Conferences, Churches, Debates, and Retreats.

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Speaking Topics
  • Telling Your Story
  • The Story of My Miraculous Journey to Faith and Blessing
  • The World Jesus Knew
Workshops / Courses
  • How to Start Writing Your Book
  • Writer Ropes – aspects of writing
  • What God has Done in our Lives
  • Bible Storytelling Workshop
  • Biblical Cuisine

Bobbie has been writing all her life. She used to work as a journalist, but on the side because she had a business in the music biz, too. Later, she wrote short stories and plays. Some were successfully published or won awards. She started teaching creative writing, which she loves.

Her first book She Does Not Fear the Snow was published in 2013, followed, in 2015, by Love Triangles, Discovering Jesus the Jew in Today’s Israel, about the joys and challenges of living in Israel as a Jew who believes in Jesus. Both books became Amazon #1 bestsellers.

They were a long time coming. Bobbie knows all about the mystery of not writing a book, even though we might want to!